This year, attendees of The One Conference will have the opportunity to take their learning and engagement to the next level by participating in an immersive, hands on educational game based simulation.

The name of the game is “Escape @ The One”! Truth be told, it’s a fairly simplistic name for what will prove to be a mind stretching, challenging, and intense endeavor.

How does it work you ask? First, you sign up to be locked in a room with people you may or may not know. Then, your team searches for clues, works through challenges, and solves puzzles to conquer your mission and escape before time expires.

What is the theme of the escape room? That’s a secret! Nothing will be revealed until The One Conference, and then, only to those brave enough to take on the challenge!

To give a few hints, participants can expect to have fun. You can expect to be challenged and engaged, perhaps even thrilled! You can expect the integration of technology and STEM. You can expect the unexpected!

Do you have the what it takes to Escape @ The One? See you there!