The focus for this year's conference is Show Your Colors: C.R.E.A.T.E.! Creativity, Relationships, Equity, Academics, Technology, and Engagement. Trying something new in our lesson design and technology adoption is always an important part of the day. Presenters will center their presentation around how they have taken their technology practice to a new level. The new "Modern Sessions" will focus on a collaborative conversation to grow the understanding and expertise of everyone.

Please log in to and select your option for each session. We ask that you try to select only one session per time slot. We use this data to schedule room assignments if you choose multiple sessions our understanding of space needs is skewed. You are always able to move to another session or change sessions based on your interests that day. Log in to the full registration site here.

New This Year -- The Modern Session!

Use the grid below to pick topics that best align to your learning goals. Clicking PREVIEW will play a short video of the facilitator "Pitching" their topic allowing you to make the best choices for you!

Ignitors - Pitch and Plan

Conference presenters were asked to align their session according to one of the District's main strands. Sessions are color-coded for the appropriate strand header. Follow a strand for the day or select sessions from a variety of strands to meet your needs.

Sessions are shown with a target grade level to assist in your choices. Please keep in mind that attending a session designated for a grade level above or below yours may still offer great opportunities for you to expand your practice as you apply the learning to your own curricular level!

When seating has been filled or the session has begun the entry door may be closed. You can still join the session but please realize there may not be a chair/desk available and the presenter has begun the session.