Call for Presenters

Classic Session Presentations:

Classic Session Presentations

Modern Session Topics:

Ignitors - Pitch and Plan

Call for Presenters

The One Conference is fueled by inspired educators sharing great ideas.

Staff is encouraged to consider what contribution they can make to this event. This year there are two different presentation formats from which to choose. "The Classic" session will be offered in the morning after the Keynote and School Sessions. This is the traditional presentation planned and prepared in advance.

The afternoon will be a new format called "The Modern" session. These will be an opportunity for individuals to get together in an informal manner to explore a topic of self-selected, high interest.

The Call for Presenters and Ignitors will close on December 20. The Session Selection Committee will make "The Classic" session determinations based upon the needs and applications received. "The Modern" sessions will be determined by the submissions received and interest from participants.

The Classic session --

What topic do you want to present to your colleagues?

The Call for Classic Session Presenters is available here:

The Classic

The Classic Session is a more traditional format. Plan a 45-60 min presentation on a technology infused topic of your choosing. Share with others what you have done, what worked well, what didn't, and how they might employ the same strategies in their classrooms. Leave time for Q & A during the learning so everyone feels confident when they leave the session.

The Modern session "Pitch & Plan" --

What do you want to work on?

Want to submit a topic that is not yet on the table? Do so here:

The Modern

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to take on the role of topic "Ignitor" for the submitted session. Your job will be assisting to keep the conversation rolling and on the topic, wherever it may lead. As the "Ignitor", there is no need for you to prepare a formal presentation, instead there will be a short 20 min orientation online session to help you prepare for this unique role.

All you need to come armed with is a passion for a topic in education, your ideas, your experiences in the topic area, and your questions. The session and conversations themselves will develop out of the common interest and organic needs of the people in the room. Essentially, the sky's the limit!

Watch the the topic list grow in "live time" below!