App'd Game


App’d is a competition-based game show featuring eight three-person teams from across the district. The game is made up of three separate rounds, two round one challenges (four teams each), and then one round two final challenge (four remaining teams).

The winning team of App’d has showcased how they utilize the assigned "surprise" apps to teach a previously identified learning outcome, while also focusing on ways to engage students and emphasize students sharing their voice.

App'd is a game where problem solving, team collaboration, teaching know-how, and tech creativity are required to win. Teams will need to think fast, divide and conquer, build a prototype, and quickly summarize their ideas for the judging panel. It is a fast-paced game focused on taking risks and having fun!

Watching App'd Live

App'd will take place live during The One Conference 2019 from 3-4 PM. It will be held in the Waukesha West Auditorium.

Staff members from across the district are welcomed to come, have fun, and cheer on their colleagues as they are put to the ultimate technology integration test in front of a live audience. Bring your energy -- teams and the judging panel will feed off of the audience. The louder and crazier you are, the better the show overall.