Format for Morning Keynote
The morning keynote will follow the same format as last year. Half of attendees will attend the keynote while the other half will be in morning meetings with their building. Then attendees will switch places.

Keynote Presentation

First Round - Group 1 8:15 - 9:05 AM

Second Round - Group 2 9:25 - 10:15 AM

          Located in the West Auditorium

Morning Building Meetings

First Round - Group 2 8:15 - 9:15 AM

Second Round - Group 1 9:15 - 10:15 AM

Building Room Assignments in SCHED

Conference Format

The One Conference is organized in a format that encourages exposure to new ideas while offering time, support, and resources to explore those new ideas.

Learn from colleagues that are already finding success using these practices with students.

Expand your learning through participating in SnapChat! roundtables, seeing the new game show "App'd" in the auditorium, and attending sessions.   Connect with colleagues to network, or spend more applying new ideas in the Think Tank! The One Conference is meant to support your professional learning and growth in a format that you find most useful.

Food Choices
Please indicate your lunch plans in Sched. Lunches will be $5. Stay for lunch and network with fellow district staff!

Conference Theme: 
Amplify Student Voice!

Our students need opportunities to Critically Think, Collaborate, Communicate and Create!

How can you use technology to employ these actions in your classroom?

Teachers and students in our district have access to the most powerful tools ever available to learners and educators. These tools can help us step beyond the limitations of time, space, location and ability level. If we learn to leverage technology meaningfully, the tools will allow us to entirely eliminate these barriers and offer new opportunities to both students and staff.

The question for educators:

How will you use technology to amplify students' voice to offer your students opportunities for greater engagement?

What Else Will You Find?

Amplify! Sessions

At 60 min
utes each, the “Amplify!” sessions are aimed at providing attendees examples of how district educators have changed their teaching to integrate technology in an instructional practice and/or tool(s) that are being used. Presentations will be ~45 min with time for questions and exploration at the end. These sessions aim to answer questions such as:
  • “What did you and your students do?”, "How is this different than what you have done in the past?"

  • “What tools are you and they using?”, "What has this added to the task process?"

  • "How is the task being redesigned?", “How do kids respond?”

  • “What successes have you had?", "What challenges arose?”

  • “How do you know they are learning as a result of doing this?”

"SNAP" Chat

        "SNAP" Chat sessions are informal discussion groups centered around a general topic. Facilitators may be available to ask questions and keep the conversation rolling, but there will not be a formal presentation. "SNAP" Chat sessions are a chance to hear what others are doing and/or thinking and share your experiences. These 1/2 hour sessions allow for a quick idea share out. 

Escape The One

App'd Gameshow

Business Partners and Vendors

Every day educators have access to and interact with a wide variety of digital tools within our district.  Here is a chance to interact with some of the business partners who make these tools. Business partners are asked to aim at educating end users, building stronger relationships with staff members, and developing a trusting, open relationship that makes these tools more valuable to our teaching and learning.  Stop in and ask the questions you need to ask to put these tools to more meaningful use in your classroom.

Think Tank

Open during sessions 3 and 4, step into the Think Tank to take your ideas to the next level. Now that you have been inspired, turn your inspiration into actionable steps to use with your students. The Think Tank is a place to plan, connect with others, or even learn from presenters from sessions you have attended earlier in the day (provided the session presenter has indicated they will be in the Think Tank at the end of the day). Had a great conversation in your "SNAP" Chat session, move it to the cafeteria to continue your learning. Turn ideas into action!